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What Is The Best Pedestal Fan?

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What Is The Best Pedestal Fan?  

For residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, a pedestal fan is preferred over a tower fan or a box fan. Pedestal fans give you a wider radius of airflow when compared to box fans, and they are typically more powerful than tower fans. Also, when you select from the 30" blade diameter pedestal fans, you can expect to move more air for extra cooling in smaller spaces and provide better general cooling in larger, open spaces.

When it comes to the best pedestal fan on the market, the Airmaster Industrial Oscillating Pedestal Fan is an ideal choice for quiet operations and for distributing air evenly throughout any space.

Choosing the best pedestal fan

Start with heavy-duty construction

A powerful, pedestal fan must be securely attached to a solid base and constructed of robust materials. The Airmaster industrial oscillating pedestal fan features heavy-gauge, steel propeller blades that are galvanized to prevent premature rust and corrosion making this fan suitable for harsh environments.

Also, these fans are rigidly mounted on a solid base for quiet and stable operations with blade guards that meet OSHA standards of workplace safety.

Add a powerful, multi-speed motor

Pedestal fans from Airmaster Fan feature a TE motor (totally enclosed) that is dust-tight and has a good seal against water infiltration. But, it's the powerful 3-speed, 1/3 hp motor that makes this fan one of the best on the market. Expect the Airmaster to move an explosive 5143 CFM of air on low speed and 7794 CFM on high speed.

The direct-drive motor is a better choice for fans that may run continuously for many hours. These motors are low maintenance and since they require fewer parts, they typically fail less often.

Finish with important design details

Airmaster is known for attention to detail in design and engineering. These powerful pedestal fans are suitable for homes, open floor offices, factories, and warehouses and feature a 15-foot-long power cord for easy access and increased mobility. The 32" pedestal base promotes stability and safety for a fan will not easily tilt or fall over. Create the best flow pattern for your area with a fan height that can be increased to 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Not only can you opt for a large 36" blade, non-oscillating free-standing fan, Airmaster offers a wide variety of powerful, industrial-strength fans including heavy-duty, explosion-proof wall or ceiling mount fans, workstation air circulation fans for office cubicles or point-of-production lines, and ultra-quiet pedestal fans for lobbies, conference rooms.

No matter which pedestal fans from Airmaster you decide upon, this manufacturer is known for building energy efficient ventilation equipment that operates at the lowest watts per CFM. This means you can use these pedestal fans in place of air conditioning on cooler days or to supplement air flow when indoor humidity is high.

These fans are the best in the business for portability, easy operation, energy efficiency, low-maintenance, and even air distribution. Partner with Industrial Fans Direct for the best pedestal fan for your indoor applications from Airmaster and other major manufacturers.

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