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Which Is Better, An Air Cooler Or Mist Fan?

When you need to cool a large outdoor or indoor space without the assistance of an AC system, typically misting fans and evaporative cooling fans are the two most popular choices. Each provides similar results with differences in how they achieve the end goal. In this blog post, we will explain the difference between swamp cooler fans and misting fans in order to help you find the answer to your question.

Air Coolers 101

Air coolers, known as evaporative cooling fans and swamp cooler fans, are efficient at cooling down high square footage areas quickly and cost-effectively. In order to operate, these fans need a water supply equipped to them. Once they are running, the fan pulls water from the supply and through the fan itself. Once the water reaches the blades, the rotation breaks the water into mist made of the smallest water particles. Since the water particles are tiny, they instantly evaporate when they hit the air. While evaporating, the mist cools down the warm temperature in the air.

The benefit of using evaporative cooling fans is the instantaneous evaporation makes them safe to use in areas where water should not be present. Wood and delicate machinery are safe from damage.

Misting Fans Explained

Misting fans are a widely used option for indoor and outdoor applications that require cooling down large spaces and crowds. Similar to air coolers, a misting fan will require a water supply. It pulls from the supply and releases water through small vents in the fan. The blade’s rotation breaks up the water particles into a fine mist. The mist then evaporates and cools down the surrounding air temperature.

The mist produced by the fans takes a few seconds to evaporate, so water particles may be felt a few inches away from the product. However, the particles are so small that they will not cause water damage.

The answer to “Which is better, an air cooler or mist fan?” truly depends on your needs and budget. If you absolutely cannot have any possible water particles hitting elements in the intended space for your cooling fan, you will be better suited with swamp cooler fans or evaporative cooling fans. On the other hand, if you do have overly sensitive items that can handle the occasional water particle or two, you may find success with misting fans.

Once you determine which type of fan is best for your needs and application, you must choose the right size. A fan that is too large or too small will not efficiently cool down the intended space. If you already know what size cooling fan you need, visit us at Industrial Fans Direct. Otherwise, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Please be sure to include the space’s square footage, sensitive items (such as wood or metal) that may come into contact with the mist, and the intended number of individuals that need to be cooled down.

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