Americraft Manufacturing Co.

Since 1946 Americraft has been manufacturing quality exhaust fans and blowers.

In May 1977, after merging with another company, Industrial Sheet Metal, Americraft purchased a ten thousand foot building in Sycamore Township (currently named Plant 1).

As the business continued to grow, so did facilities and employment. A ten thousand square foot addition (to Plant 1) was completed in 1990, and an additional building of thirty-three thousand square feet was acquired in 1996 (currently named Plant 2).

Today, Americraft catalogs fifteen various fan models (duct inline fans, tube axial fans, wall panel exhaust fans, roof ventilators & exhausters, blowers and man/product cooler fans) in sizes ranging from 12″ to 60″ in diameter and fan accessories for each. Americraft fans and ventilating systems operate in thousands of different applications in all fifty states and throughout the world.

Our company’s policies, practices, and ideals still guide us as we continue to grow. Every fan is built with pride and care. Before the fans are shipped, they are tested, in our factory, for electric motor compliance and balance compliance with the highest industry standards. We put our years of experience and reputation behind each fan we manufacture.

Americraft has established industry leading design freedom. Our customers have the ability to purchase custom built fans & ventilation systems that meet their unique design specifications.

Our staff of professionals are readily available to assist customers from the largest corporation to the smallest business, in all aspects of your air moving requirements.