Atlantic Blowers

Company Overview

Atlantic Blowers is a leading diversified global manufacturer that is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of industrial blowers, fans, air bubble diffusers and air knife drying systems in over 105 countries.

Our customers come first, and an integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support our mutual success.

What sets us apart?

Global focus as we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service when serving our thousands of customers in over 105 countries worldwide.
Industry Differentiation as we work across more than 50 industries in niche markets.
The ability to customize all of our high performance products to fit the needs of our customers.
Our products are engineered to perform, combining quality manufacturing with innovative engineering in order to ensure reliability and cost-effective operation.
Advanced proprietary processes and tools to support our teams in achieving the most rapid time to market.

Features and Benefits

50 / 60 HZ motors are standard offering a wide voltage range
Blowers are made of cast aluminum alloy for reduced weight, maximum strength and corrosion resistance
Built in thermal protectors for overload protection are standard
Double shielded stainless steel sealed bearings are standard
High Quality shaft oil seals are standard between the impeller & bearings for protection against air contamination
Anodizing for corrosion resistance is available
Retrofit bases & flanges are available to match differing dimensional requirements
Gasoline driven units are available for remote locations
Pre-assembled blower packages/kits are available for both pressure & vacuum applications
EX (Explosion Proof) series is available
Motor shaft-mounted impeller or direct drive technology eliminates the need or use of belts, couplings and gears
Hermetically sealed blowers are available
Tighter tolerances between the impellers and housings increase flow and pressure efficiency

Applications & Markets Served

Water Treatment
Industrial Suction
Industrial Automation
Biogas Extraction
Air Knife Systems
Industrial Drying / Blow-Off Application. (parts, bottles, containers,…etc.)
Aquarium Aeration
Waste Water Aeration
Pond Aeration
Floating Aeration
Groundwater Sparging
Vacuum Transportation
Vacuum Hold Down
Vacuum Cleaning Systems
Vacuum Lifting
Vacuum Cleaning Systems
Gasoline Vapor Recovery
Lagoon Gas Recovery
Landfill Gas Evacuation and Collection
Weld fume Extraction
Plastic Injection
Dental Equipment Operation
Pneumatic Air Tube Conveying Systems

Our Products
Regenerative Blowers for Pressure & Vacuum Applications

Centrifugal Blowers for High Flow/High Pressure Applications
Centrifugal Fans for High Flow/Low Pressure Applications
Tube Axial Fans for High Flow/Low Pressure Applications
Air Bubble Diffusers for Water Treatment Applications
Air Knife Drying Systems for Industrial Drying/Blow-Off Applications (parts, bottles, containers, …etc.)

Our Values

Our values define who we are! Gary Miledi, our founder, believes in manufacturing products that genuinely help people and the environment. Our products can be used for all types of applications, including food production, clean water, and clean air just to name a few. Through research and development we are continuously moving forward, searching for new ways to improve our products and fill more specific needs. With customer satisfaction being of upmost importance, we stand by our integrity as one of our most valuable assets.

Atlantic Blowers Company Overview at a Glance
Industry: Manufacturing of Machinery and Industrial Products
Certification: ISO9001
Founded: 2005