Avani Environmental Intl., Inc.

For over 25 year now Avani Environmental has been manufacturing top of the line fume extractors (both portable and stationary units), fume arms, dust collectors, downdraft tables and more. They manufacture in North Carolina, United States and are proud of this fact. Though made here in the U.S., their products are used around the globe. Industrial Fans Direct can help reduce gases, dust, fumes and emissions with just a phone call.

Avani’s line of products includes:

    Mist Collection Dust Collectors Welding Booths Portable Fume Collectors Downdraft Tables Fume Arms
    Hoses, Filters, Fans
    Customized Products and accessories

    Avani strives to bring the most innovative and best solutions to protect people from the harmful effects of dust, smoke, gas and other air impurities. Many of our products are designed and manufactured to have minimal environmental strain but still maintain top quality and performance. Avani’s products are used around the world and could be found in various different industries such as: Welding Shops, Automotive, Foundries, Technical Schools, Nuclear Training facilities, Robotic Cells, and much more.

     Avani continues to meet and exceed OSHA's new requirements for employee safety. Avani's innovation and new product development keeps our products in the forefront of safey so our cutomers can focus on their line of work.