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VPES Outdoor Rated Shutter Exhaust Fan w/ Cord 12 inch 1100 CFM 3 Speed VPES12

VPES Shutter Exhaust Fan 12 inch 766 CFM Direct Drive VPES12, [product-type] - Industrial Fans Direct
J & D Manufacturing
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1 to 3 Business Days ?
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FedEx Ground

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Only $160.73

Our VPES Indoor/Outdoor series of exhaust fans offers great performance, smooth operation, and a totally enclosed UL507 outdoor certified energy efficient motor. Each fan has a built in 9' cord and switch for "no electrician required" operation.

Available in 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”
Ships fully assembled out of the box
Outdoor rated UL507 certified motor
Smooth, quiet operation
High efficiency aluminum shutters with tie bar reduces shutter flapping and opening on windy days

12.5” W x 12.5" H

Model No.:
Exhaust Fans
Blade Material:
Blade Size (Inches):
No. of Blades:
CFM Low:
CFM Medium:
CFM High:
Drive Type:
Limited Warranty:
2 Year Limited
RPM High:
1500 / 1350 / 1200
Weight lbs.:
Notice: Manufacturer's products features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
California Residents: warning WARNING- This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit


Ask a Question
  • I want to mount it Verticaly ,is it designed for that application?

    This exhaust fan is meant to mount vertically on a wall.

  • Can this be mounted in a commercial restaurant kitchen over a tortilla stove?

    Thank you for your question.  This unit can be used in a commercial kitchen application with the following restrictions:  It can only be mounted vertically in a wall, and the motor uses a 104 degree thermal safety shut off, so it cannot be operated in an environment that exceeds that temperature.

  • 120V option?

    Thank you for your question.  This fan is 115V/120V.  The standard voltage to your outlet (in the US) is 120V, but the actual amount getting can vary between 110V - 120V, so this 115V is meant to run on a standard voltage outlet.

  • Can this fan be used to cool a chicken coop?

    This exhaust fan can be used for most outdoor applications.  Whether or not it is moving enough air (CFM), we are not able to determine this from your question.  You may want to call 866.727.1060 to enquire.

  • Are the speeds manual or auto? Does this come with a thermostat?

    The 3-Speed control on this fan is manual.  The fan does not come with a thermostat.  A Thermostat is an optional item.

  • With the hood and not running will this fan keep the wind from blowing in, will it seal up tight, for cold weather uses.

    If there is considerable wind against this fan, the shutters may chatter when fan is off.

  • Is this explosion proof

    No. This fan does not have an explosion proof motor.

  • What is the decibel range from low to high setting. Wondering how loud or quiet the fan is.

    Unfortunately, J&D Manufacturing does not offering the sound rating on this exhaust fan unit.

  • What size intake is required

    Typically an intake shutter should be sized at least 1.5 times the size of the fan.

  • Can this unit be mounted on a ceiling

    This fan is designed for wall or vertical mounting, not for ceiling or horizontal mounting.

  • Will the fan run at all above 104 degrees Fahrenheit? If I'm trying to cool a space that may reach 110 degrees, I'm worried the fan won't operate and thus won't cool the space.

    Only if the constant ambient temperature is at or above 104 degrees F the fan motor may trip to off until it cools.

  • Is running the fan at a Temperature above 104 going to damage it. We have day where it will be 115 outside for hours.

    Typically the only thing that happens to the fan when ambient temperatures are
    above the 104 degrees F, is the thermal switch will be tripped and the fan will stop until it cools.

  • Our garage is 1300 sq ft one story concrete type block construction 0two large insulated garage doors-ceiling height 10' -ceiling is also concrete. This garage is in San Felipe, Baja on the beach where outside air temp in summer can get near 100 degree. What is the recommended CFM for outdoor rated shutter exhaust

    An exhaust fan that does roughly 3000 CFM will exchange the air in your garage approximately once every 4 minutes or so.

  • Is the galvanized weather hood recommended only for 4 season use? Specifically, would I still need it if the fan is removed at the end of the Autumn and reinstalled in early Summer? (I'm ready to order, but just need this final bit of info before doing so.)

    The weather hood is mounted to the exterior wall and can stay there, or you can remove it if desired.

  • Can this be mounted in a double hung window?

    If the opening size fits the fan, it should be able to be mounted.

  • what is the max temperature that this fan can withstand? I am trying to use it in my food truck.

    This fan along with similar fans will handle a max ambient temperature of 104 degrees F

  • I want to use this as an attic exhaust fan for my garage (about 20 X15). Can it be ceiling mounted? Living in South Florida, garage gets extremely hot about 8 month of the year. I also have in the garage the solar water heater and an inverter for the photovoltaic panels, all of which generate heat.

    This fan is designed for wall or vertical mounting.  It is not designed for celing or horizontal mounting due to the shutters chattering in this position.

  • Can this be used to cool an attached garage.

    Yes. This wall mount exhaust fan can be used in shops, garages, workshops etc...

  • Is it thermostat controlled?

    Yes. You can control this fan turning on and off using a thermostat.