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Hunter Industrial & Hunter Fan Company

Since 1886 Hunter Fan Company has been outclassing the competition with quieter, high quality products and service. When Hunter Fan Company first invented the ceiling fan—They’ve never stopped pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in air movement and fan design. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation is why we remain unrivaled today—and why our fans last for generations. Hunter Industrial is part of that heritage, and our high-volume, low-speed or HVLS fans embody our passion for pioneering breakthroughs in ceiling fan technologies.

There air circulating ceiling fans exceed industry standards? In fact, they invented them.

Their ideas for continually improving ceiling fan technology come to life at our headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Hunter designers, engineers, and technicians work together to test, prototype, and fine-tune our way to perfection. (And then test some more.) They continue to surpass the most stringent industry requirements—their competitors. It’s just the way we are. But hey, we know how to have a good time, too. Check out our dedicated onsite lab anytime, and you’ll find us experimenting with everything from temperature extremes to noise levels. See? Let the good times roll, revolve and evolve.

Find our industry leading commercial & industrial HVLS ceiling fans at Industrial Fans Direct, an authorized dealer of the Hunter Industrial line of air movement fan products.

One of the major differences between our HVLS fans and others is the fact that we said goodbye to the gearbox. Operating with direct drive motors, our aluminum fans deliver lasting performance and weigh in at up to 30% lighter than the competition.

When we committed to developing better HVLS fans, we decided we wanted to build superior products that would do more than just enter the category: We wanted to change it.

That meant engineering really big fans (up to 24’ in diameter) that weren’t just big. We wanted to make fans that worked better than anything else in the industry.

Hunter Industrial is so committed to quality and lasting performance that we challenged the way the market thinks about industrial fans. We believe gearbox motors bring pitfalls and unnecessary, costly service requirements and that direct drive motors provide the solution. With the trustworthiness of the Hunter Fan Company brand - the #1 most installed fan in the country - our designers, engineers, and technicians created our line of industrial fans from the ground up, including a purpose-built direct drive motor to save you money on maintenance costs.

What does this mean for you (the customer)?

  • Lasting performance (direct drive motors require little maintenance)
  • Less noise (no more gearbox grinding or clicking)
  • Easy installation (only one person required)

Take a load off, HVAC.

Our Titan and ECO fans are 50 percent more efficient than our competitors, based on AMCA 230-15 testing. This standardized airflow efficiency rating is basically a fancy way of saying our fans move more air but with way less energy (or horsepower for those of you keeping score). This means your HVAC system won’t have to work nearly as hard. (Translation: Lower operating costs and year-round savings.)

So, how do our fans deliver on all this efficiency sweet talk? Some basics:

  • Smaller, more efficient motors
  • Fewer blades for less stress-inducing torque
  • Slower velocity for far-reaching airflow

The kicker? All that performance, for mere pennies a day.