Stir Corrosion Resistant Agricultural Fan 50 inch 28500 CFM 240V 1 Speed K4E13K0M11100

Stir Corrosion Resistant Agricultural Fan 50 inch 28500 CFM 240V 1 Speed K4E13K0M11100
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Dairy Fan Features:

Vostermans Ventilation, Creators of Multifan, developed several specific solutions for dairy houses. The Dairy fan, with a diameter of 50", creates fresh air around the animals, so that heat stress problems can be solved and the milk production stays optimal.

Vostermans Ventilation introduces a highly effective, Dairy Fan. The modern, highly productive dairy cows need to be served with optimal climatic conditions all year round. Certainly in summer times, in confined spaces / buildings, the temperature can easily rise to a too high level. Above 72°F - 77°F the cows start reducing their feed intake, need energy to get rid of the excessive heat production and therefore start losing the usual high milk production levels.

Unique advantages With the Dairy Fan Vostermans introduces a solution to prevent these problems. The fan creates fresh air around the animals, so that heat stress problems can be solved. There are no blind areas in the house, because the air circulates which equalizes the climatic situation in the house as well. An extra advantage is the reduction of flies around the cows. The low noise level of the fan provides a calm environment. The fan is resistant to the aggressive conditions in the building (the ammonia level can be very high in dairy houses).

The Dairy Fan has a very high air volume: 28,500 CFM at 0 S.P. The Dairy Fan combines a high throw of 479 feet and a high efficiency (22.1 CFM / W). Generally it is advised to install a fan every 39-45 feet. However the number of rows and fans needed in the building depends on the density, construction and utilization, as well as on local climatic conditions. The low noise level of the fan enables a calm environment. For security reasons the 3-blade fan is provided with a basket on both sides. The unit is very easy to install at the truss of the building. Because of the special belt, a belt-tightener is not necessary. The fan has a 1 year warranty, the motor has a warranty of three years.

• Ambient Temperature Rating of 140 F

Model No.:
Air Circulator Fans
Blade Material:
Blade Size (Inches):
No. of Blades:
CFM High:
Decibels (dBA):
Dimension Inches:
Width: 54.7" Depth: 15.7" Height: 65.4"
Drive Type:
Limited Warranty:
1 Year Limited
Motor Type:
Totally Enclosed
RPM High:
Watts High:
Weight lbs.:
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  • If we only need 2 fan, the build time its the same?

    Thank you for your question.  Yes, the build time on these currently is approximatley 5-7 buisiness days for 2 units.