Portacool Evaporative Coolers
Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers entered the marketplace in 1990 offering their first version of an evaporative cooler designed to provide economical, effective cooling where ever it was needed. Now, twenty-five years later, the company’s consistent growth rate and continued expansion in product lines has positioned it as a global leader in the portable evaporative cooling business with distribution in 50 U.S. states and 56 countries. Portacool, LLC selected the small town of Center, Texas, for its location in the beginning and has never considered moving. However, this small town has since enjoyed modernization due in large part to the manufacturing and technological advances of companies like Portacool™ choosing Center as their location. Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers have proven highly effective in unlimited uses ranging from agricultural and horticultural applications, manufacturing, industrial, business, entertainment, sports, home, and hobby — anywhere cooling is needed and traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive. With national authorized distributors and partners like Industrial Fans Direct, Portacool, LLC continues to expand its worldwide market horizons and produce outstanding evaporative cooler products, all from the beautiful setting of Center, Texas