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Based in Everett, Washington, IndustrialFansDirect.com is your commercial and industrial ventilation, heating and lighting resource.  We specialize in working with mechanical contractors, engineers, electricians, facility managers, and commercial building owners to provide high quality air movement and work environment solutions.  Our products are competitively priced, and the service we provide is second to none. Our total focus and expertise rests in ventilation – heating - specialty lighting equipment, along with the use of the latest in technology and efficiency in all aspects of the company itself.

After learning that there was a much needed online resource for high quality HVAC equipment, that could also offer a great customer experience all at reasonable prices, IndustrialFansDirect.com was born. It began with a background of owning many small businesses, serving a multitude of industries, some of which involved the installation and maintenance of ventilation equipment. As a student of knowledge, I decided to learn everything I could about air movement along with air quality in commercial and industrial settings. So in early 2005 began my dream that I would offer HVAC equipment online, which would also allow me to share my knowledge with customers who needed a good dependable resource for all of these components.

It all began in a shed in the back of our house, one computer, one phone, and a website. I then began figuring out how to source inventory through manufacturers around the country. The next step was how to market on a very limited budget in order to get customers to the site. Many trials and errors later I began getting a few orders. While starting this e-commerce business, I was also working full time in my other service oriented business. Then as time passed Industrial Fans Direct.com continued to build momentum. In the beginning I did everything myself, maintaining the website, meeting with new suppliers, adding products to the site, processing orders, handling returns, and paying the bills. During which time, I ate, slept and dreamed of nothing but Industrial Fans Direct.com. With a determined commitment to quality product, great prices and excellent customer service, I soon started to see noticeable results. We leased office space and moved twice before settling into our new facility, all while hiring and managing new employees to build a great team of people. Now with multiple full-time employees (that are like family), I am still very involved with nearly all aspects of the business, from assisting with the processing of orders, to helping answer technical questions about products when a customer needs help. It has been a pleasure knowing that all of this hard work has added up to a company that has served the industry so well over the last decade.

While it has been hard work, perseverance and determination that has got us to where we are today, I believe it is our customers’ satisfaction and the relentless pursuit of high quality products at the lowest possible prices that will keep us improving and growing over the next several decades.

You, the customer, have always been and certainly continue to be the most important reason that IndustrialFansDirect.com exists. We will never to forget this simple truth.

We hope that you'll find it extremely easy and a pleasurable shopping experience finding product information, placing orders and viewing your own secure account information. We believe our customers are our employer, and we work for you in all we do.

Over the years we have become a trusted favorite in the ventilation sourcing industry, and we believe we have the right equipment and knowledge to help you to get the job done.

- Bryan Holmes, Founder and President

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