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Portable Drum and Barrel Fans

The portable blower fan has several names, and many uses. You may see these fans also offered as drum fans, barrel fans or barrel cooler fan. This powerful air movement product comes in either a direct drive version, or is belt driven.

Typically the direct drive version of this fan will have a blade size of 36" or less, since the blade is attached directly to the shaft of the motor. Whereas the belt drive drum fan are designed to handle blades up to 60" or larger based on a pulley and bearing system. For dusty or dirty air environments Industrial Fans Direct offers a filtered box style portable fan. These fans come in 1 speed, 2 speed or variable speed versions. Most models are constructed from either powder coated steel, or polypropylene for dent resistance and light easy maneuverability.

You will see these blower fans in warehouses for cooling workers; gymnasiums or commercial kitchens for stirring the hot, stale, and moist air caused by human activity; flood restoration in buildings and homes to help in the drying process of floors and walls; construction job-sites or welding shops where there may be dust and other particulates in the air. The explosion proof barrel fan can be used in areas that hazardous or ignitable fumes, gases or dust are present in the atmosphere. The real value and convenience in the portable drum fan is that it comes with wheels and a handle for easy portability.

These barrel type fans pack a powerful punch, with air movement ranging from 3,800 CFM to over 30,000 CFM.

Industrial Fans Direct offers these efficient and economical barrel cooler fans from top manufacturers like Triangle Engineering, Ventamatic, Canarm, Multifan, Airmaster Fan