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High Pressure Blowers

High Pressure Low  Volume Blowers

The high pressure blower or blower fan is used to create a positive pressure for applications such as: inflatable structures, manufacturing processes, production assembly lines, equipment or product cooling, electronic cooling and laboratories to name a few. Pressurization blowers are a type of fan that can create a positive pressure in a sealed or closed environment. These blowers are not restricted to the task of creating a positive pressure, but can also be used where ever a clean stream of air is needed: conveyor belts, welding areas, wood working shops, assembly lines. The explosion proof version of the pressure blower is designed to work within hazardous environments where there may be corrosive or flammable such as those found in a petrochemical plant, paint booths, mills, tanks, and chemical processing operations.

How do I select the right pressure blower fan for my needs?

Selecting the right pressure blower is based on the performance specifications and materials of construction of the fan. Knowing the air flow rate is very important. This is the rate at which the air moves either within or between two or more zones. The static pressure rating is also important. this thing called static pressure is the pressure that exists when an equal amount of air is supplied to, and exhausted from a space. The static pressure will rise when more air is supplied then is exhausted from a given area. The diameter of the blower fan inlet and outlet is also an important piece to consider when selecting a unit. Other factors to consider when making your choice are horsepower, voltage, phase, and whether to choose a direct drive or belt drive unit. The build material that make up a pressure blower can include aluminum, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, plastics, and composite materials.