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Portable Mancooler Blower Fan

These industrial use mancoolers are designed to withstand heavy use in an industrial setting. Industrial Fans Direct offers the highest quality constructed portable mancooler axial flow fan on the ventilation market today. The fan housing (like the tube axial fan) are mounted on a movable base. Both the inlet and the outlet are provided with screens as standard, fabricated to meet OSHA safety requirements. A solid mounting saddle connects the fan to the portable base. The portable units come in either low stand, medium stand or high stand versions.

Stationary Mount Mancooler Blower Fan

The stationary mancooler can provide spot cooling or area ventilation while being mounted in an out-of-the-way location. Designed for either wall, column, ceiling or floor mounting, the stationary mancooler blower fan can be adjusted for airflow in any direction. Similar in construction to its portable counterpart, the stationary mancooler is provided with a pre-drilled base plate for mounting to whatever structure is desired. These fan units come in either a one-way or two-way swivel.

In today's day and age of technology, most major manufacturing facility has turned automated or robotics, which in turn results in the increased use of machinery that emits high heat. This heat transfers from the machinery to the surrounding areas of the factory, plant or production warehouse. Due to the surrounding heated areas, the workers health and well being are being affected, as well as their ability to efficiently produce. Man coolers are designed to provide fresh air in hot, muggy and dusty surroundings which is very important to maintain the health of workers. The high velocity cool air stream, which passes over a long distance, helps to vaporize perspiration and thereby keep the body cooler. Installing these fans in your facility today may help with happier, healthier and more productive employees tomorrow.