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Fiberglass Coned Wall Exhaust Agriculture Fans

Why use a polyethylene exhaust fan or fiberglass wall exhaust fans are typically in an agricultural type setting?

The fiberglass exhaust fan is typically larger in physical size; 30" to 72" blade diameter and 8,000 to 54,000 CFM, and is an ideal solution for those seeking superior performance and efficiency.

If you are in need a robust and versatile solution for exhausting more moderate amounts of air at a reasonable price, smaller polyethylene exhaust fans: 9" to 24" blade diameter and 1,000 to 7,000 CFM may be your answer. These high quality fans are built with rugged polyethylene housings, and typically use either a polypropylene or aluminum fan blade for exceptional durability and long life. Polyethylene exhaust fans provide an energy efficient and cost effective solution for exhausting air and moisture from a diverse range of facilities.

Both the fiberglass , and the polyethylene wall fan boast a rugged design, and are for use in the harshest of environments where there may be caustic and or corrosive elements in the surrounding atmosphere. Poly and fiberglass fans are also durable, and  resilient to the abuse that happens on a farm daily. The fiberglass fan is also designed to be UV resistant for years of dependable use.

These types of wall exhausters or ventilation fans can be found on hog and swine farms, dairies, poultry farms, and horse barns.

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