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Roof Exhaust Fans

The roof or rooftop exhaust fan is the most efficient way to rid a building or facility of overheated air issues. Since hot air rises to the ceiling or the highest point of a structure, it makes sense that having exhaust fans mounted on the roof will work best. Not all facilities can utilize a roof exhauster due to weight issues, pitch of roof, access to the roof and so on. These fans can be very heavy, and getting them in place on the roof may require a man-lift or crane. since the fan itself is not typically mounted directly to the roof, a curb is usually required and recommended to be flashed to the roof prior to the installation of the fan. This allows the fan to seat properly for effective air removal or exhausting. This is when a wall exhaust fan may be necessary.

We offer commercial roof fans, industrial rooftop exhausters, centrifugal wheel or axial blade upblast or downblast roof exhaust fans for commercial kitchens, schools or hospitals. The upblast rooftop fan ejects the air from the building straight up into the atmosphere, while a downblast roof fan ejects the air downward to the roof by using a bell shaped cap on the top of the fan. The upblast roof mount fan uses a butterfly type damper and rain gutter design so that when the fan is off no rain can enter the building. Whereas the downblast roof exhaust fan does not need the damper due to the bell like housing which keeps all weather out of the building. CFM's for these rooftopf fans range from 550 to 75,000. These roof ventilators come in either belt drive or direct drive versions. The belt drive units are typically quieter, and can usually move air at a higher CFM then the direct drive unit. Rooftop fans with axial blades move more air, but do not work as well with high static pressures. Whereas the centrifugal wheeled fan is typically quieter and works more efficiently where static pressures are moderate to high. Industrial Fans Direct carries several manufactures and brands of roof exhaust fans, such as Canarm Ltd., National Fan Co. and Soler & Palau USA. Call and speak with a knowledgeable sales representative today 866.727.1060.