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Wall Exhaust Fans

Through The Wall Exhaust Fans or Thru Wall Mount Fans can be the answer to your air movement problems. Using wall exhaust fans and or wall air supply intake fans can be a lower cost solution to controlling the temperature and air quality for a safer and more productive work environment. Most wall exhaust fans come in either belt drive or direct drive. The belt drive version is typically used for areas that require more CFM or to accommodate higher static pressures. They are most often quieter on the decibel level scale as well. The direct drive version is usually a less expensive solution, requiring less maintenance since there is no belt to replace.

The Shutter Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans are a great all-in-one solution for removing heat, stale or stagnant air, fumes and dust, while helping to draw fresh clean air in to your warehouse, shop, garage, or other work space. Depending on your electrical system, the shutter mounted wall exhaust fan is offered as either a 1 or 3 Phase, 115, 208, 230 or 460 volt versions. Since these wall exhaust fans come with the shutters attached, there is no need to purchase the shutters separately. We do however offer other accessories such as: variable speed controls, rheostats, 2 speed switches, thermostats both 1 and 2 stage, all weather hoods for protection against driving winds and rain, gravity or mechanical intake and exhaust shutters and dampers.

Cabinet Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans unlike most of the shutter mounted fans, are exhaust fans that are encased within a box type cabinet for deeper or thicker thru-wall applications. While offering a different wall mounting option, these fans still serve the same purpose of exhausting or removing hot, stale and or contaminated air from the work space. These fans typically do not have the shutters or dampers built in or attached to the fan assembly itself. In many cases the shutter is mounted on the outside wall of the building or structure when using this type of exhaust fan.

Panel Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans tend to be used in areas where space availability is at a premium. The contractor will usually build a framing system on the wall for these fans to be mounted to. Again, the shutter / damper is most often mounted to the exterior of the building in these cases. Like most all exhaust fans, these are also available in belt drive or direct drive, and offer multiple voltage choices in either 1 or 3 phase versions.

Using a Motorized Impeller Wall Exhaust Fan is an economical and efficient way to cool electronic storage cabinets. These motorized axial fans are the perfect solution for providing high air flow at low static pressures.This fans motor and impeller are both in the air stream which provides effective motor cooling and dissipation of heat generated by the electronics. Applications for these fans include: cooling cabinets, medical appliances, motor control cooling, power converter cabinets, heat exchangers and clean room modules.

Corrosion Resistant Wall Exhaust Fans are the right choice for areas that have caustic and corrosive fumes, gases and particulates in the atmosphere. You will find corrosive environments in many industries, such as; agricultural facilities; refineries, oil fields, dairies, pork and poultry barns, paper mills, paint booths, plating businesses with dip tanks, steel working, processing plants, laboratories and chemical plants. These corrosive environments that can negative residual affects on equipment performance. This degradation can result in the need for more frequent repairs and replacement of equipment. 

Industrial Fans Direct carries a wide range of exhaust fans that range from 800 CFM to 75,000 CFM by quality manufacturers, such as: Triangle Engineering, Continental Fan, Schaefer Ventilation, Soler & PalauCanarm Ltd., National Fan Co., TPI Corp, J&D Mfg., Multifan,  Ventamatic, Ltd., Vents-US, VES Environmental