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Black Outdoor Rated Air Circulator Fan 18 inch 2210 CFM 3 Speed POW18B

Black Indoor/Outdoor Air Circulator Fan 3 Speed 18 inch 3120 CFM POW18B, [product-type] - Industrial Fans Direct
J & D Manufacturing
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3 to 5 Business Days ?
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FedEx Ground

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Only $187.40

The Indoor/Outdoor POW fan from J&D Manufacturing is a durable, three-speed, waterproof fan. This fan comes pre-wired with a 115 volt plug and 8’ cord for instant operation. J&D Manufacturing’s line of premium outdoor waterproof fans are perfect for greenhouses, marinas, outdoor loading docks, patios, amusement parks, and wash bays where fans may come in contact with rain and humidity. Our UL507 fans can be sprayed down to remove dust and dirt build up, making them an excellent choice for agricultural applications.

18” model available in white or black
High output performance
3-speed pull chain
Attached 8’ cord with 3-prong plug pre-wired for 115 Volts
Versatile powder coated mounting bracket allows for easy tilt and swivel of fan to easily change direction and angle of air movement, a perfect workstation fan
UL507 certified for indoor and outdoor use
Aluminum blades
Direct drive quiet operation
Corrosion resistant, powder coated fan guards meet OSHA 1910.212(a)(5) requirements for installation at any height
Totally enclosed, maintenance-free, high-efficiency motors have completely sealed ball bearings, UL and CUL recognized, and are covered by a 1 Year Warranty
Rated for use with our misting/fogging products to increase cooling abilities

Model No.:
Air Circulator Fans
Blade Material:
Blade Size (Inches):
No. of Blades:
CFM Low:
CFM Medium:
CFM High:
Dimension Inches:
Width: 22.52" Depth: 8.53" Height: 20.63"
Drive Type:
Limited Warranty:
1 Year Limited
Motor Type:
RPM High:
Weight lbs.:
Notice: Manufacturer's products features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
California Residents: warning WARNING- This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit


Ask a Question
  • How much noise the pow18 fan makes, like to put on gazbo. will we be able to talk over sound of fan, plan to mount 4, one in each corner. Gazbo is 16' x 20'. It"s 8' tall with open ceiling.

    These fans By J & D Mfg. unfortunately are not decibel rated. The do move quite a bit of air, and so do make some air movement noise (more so on the highest setting).

  • Would this fan be a good one for 12'X12' horse stalls in Ft Worth Texas area ? Four sided run in sheds with dirt floor and bedding. I have tried 3 blade Air Masters and they fail to run after being off in the winter months .

    The POW18 circulator fans are good quality fans built and rated for outdoor use. Customers buy these units all of the time for their barns, farms, stalls, and greenhouses.

  • I want to attach three fans to the house so they can blow air to the outdoor putting green. I live in houston where it is hot and humid. Is it ok to leave them out in the weather?

    Yes these are rated to be outdoors in the elements.

  • Thinking about mounting this fan on our Open Air Patio & leaving it there thru the weather seasons. We are in Southern Indiana. Would this be suitable or would we need to bring it down in the off seasons?

    Thank you for your question.  Moisture from rain/snow and freezing temperature can cause damage and shorten it's life, so we reccomend you bring it in between seasons.

  • Is it normal for the part of the fan where are the mechanics/wiring are enclosed to get hot after one hour of use?

    Thank you for your question.  Yes, the fan motors on these do get hot.  They shouldn't be so hot you can't touch them, or smoking or anything. If you are experiencing any excessive temperatures, smoking or smells, please discontinue use and call us at 1-866-727-1060.

  • Can I oil the bearings? one of my fans appears to have the bearings going out, making noise.

    No.  The bearings on this unit are sealed and weather proof and cannot be serviced.  Please contact the manufacturer at 1-800-998-2398 and ask for thier service/tech department.

  • Is this fan WET rated? Also, can it be hardwired?

    This fan can get wet (not washdwon duty).  It can be hardwired, but if the plug is cut off of the cord it will void the warranty.

  • What are the specifications re: air movement in terms of cubic feet of air numbers?

    This 3 speed fan moves up to 2200 cubic feet of free air each minute on high.

  • Do you sell a bracket that I can use to attach this fan to a tree on my deck?

    The multi-mount bracket that comes with the fan should allow you to mount to just about any surface.

  • Can the bracket to this fan be mounted overhead (e.g. from a ceiling)?

    Yes. This "C" type bracket makes it possible to mount this fan in any position, on any surface:  wall, ceiling, floor, bench etc...

  • can this fan be used to pull in fresh air in a commercial kitchen ?

    This is an air circulation fan.  It is not designed to be an exhaust fans or air supply fan.

  • Is this fan made in the USA?

    No.  This fan is made in China

  • Do I need to buy the tent bracket (What is is it for?)?... & can I plug 2 fans in thermostat control?

    The tent bracket is not a necessary piece.  It is a U bolt bracket to hold the fan to a pole.  2 of these fans can be plugged into a single thermostat as long as the thermostat has the proper amperage available.

  • What is the tent bracket for? can these be plugged into an outlet controls by a wall switch? How does the thermostat work if these fans are installed in stalls?

    The "Tent" bracket is for pole mounting with the "U" bolt on the bracket.  No, these can not be connected to an external switch.  The 3 speed control is on the motor using the pull-chain on the fan.

  • i know this fan doesn't oscillate but does it swivel left or right so you can point/aim it in a particular direction or is it fixed?

    Yes, this fan will swivel on its bracket when mounted.

  • How long is the cord

    This fan has an 8 ft. power cord.

  • Can you provide some advice on best way to install? Didn’t arrive with much for instructions! Paper says to mount on vertical surface.Is it ok to mount on a horizontal cross beam?

    This fan can be mounted in any position.  The mounting bracket is included on the the fan.

  • Can this exhaust fan be used to assist radon mitigation systems in a basement or home

    This was not designed for this purpose, but may help assist.  You will want to speak to a local specialist about Radon removal.

  • I am wanting to possibly purchase two of these fans to mount to a fan cart for my kids show cattle. Do they have the wall mount brackets and is this something they have been purchase for in the past?

    This fan has a versitile multi-mount bracket attached as part of the fan.

  • Can this unit be mounts on the side of. House without any protective covering summer and winter. I live in the DC area

    Yes. This fan is completely outdoor rated.

  • How long can fan run without getting hot

    These fans are designed for continuous duty unless the ambient temperature is 104 degrees F or above.

  • What is the UL rating for this fan?

    Yes, the motor on this fan is UL rated for outdoor use (UL 507)

  • Does the fan come with a bracket to mount it in a stall? Or do I need to order something separate?

    This fan does come with its own mounting bracket.

  • Does this fan have a plug or hard wire

    This fan does have a cord and plug.

  • How accessible is the switch to turn the fan on or off? Want to wall mount it on. a 16x36 patio, but need to be able to turn it off in the cooler winter months...?

    The POW18B has a 3 speed pull-chain coming from the back of the fan.

  • How many amps does the motor pull ?

    Here are the amps for Low (1.13), Medium (1.33) and High (1.40) speeds

  • My horse stalls are 12 x 14. Florida is VERY HOT in the summer. Trying to visualize 18"...doesn't seem very big...will they be adequate for my size stalls.

    This POW18B does move quite a bit of air for its size. Many customers have purchased these units for their barns and animals.