Industrial DryFan Desiccant Dehumidifier 200-Pint 235 CFM EPD200

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 Introducing the world’s smallest commercial grade desiccant dehumidifiers.

Introducing the ECOR PRO EPD200, unique, patented, compressor-less, bucket-less desiccant dehumidifiers for residential and commercial drying applications. Designed to work anywhere safely all day and every day. With our newly innovated and patented DryFan Zeolite Technology, moisture can be vented outside with the unit placed in any direction, as well as eliminating water containers, pumps and hoses that were included in traditional obsolete refrigerant dehumidifiers. The EPD200 desiccant dehumidifiers can work upside down or on their sides to enable easy mounting to ceilings and walls. Traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers are prone to stop working in cold environments, while ECOR PRO EPD200 desiccant dehumidifiers can pull moisture even at -4°F room temperature. Compact and lightweight almost a third of the size of comparable commercial dehumidifiers, making the units easy to carry and transported from job site to job site. EPD200's 4-hole system has two fans internally - it can be used in the same way as a 3-hole desiccant dehumidifier. However, it has the advantage of the two air flows being separate. When the wet air is exhausted, the Regen or regeneration air can also be taken from outside the room. 4-hole is more effective at drying – firstly, all the dry Process air is passed back into the room and secondly, Regen air from outside of the room may be relatively wet.

The EPD200 dehumidifier coverage is 4000 square feet

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Typical applications include; water damage restoration, hydroponics, moisture and rust protection, warehouse storage, food and timber drying, car garages, hotels, offices, workshops, large homes and food storage.

Highly Compact – Perhaps the smallest 95 Pint dehumidifier in the market.

Dust Filter – The desiccant industrial dehumidifier benefits from a simple reticulated dust filter in metal frame that can be shaken clean or easily replaced to prevent dust particles entering the unit and impeding performance.

Easy Repair – Maintenance and eventual repair have been thought through with an easy to remove cover that gives easy access to replace cord sets or warn parts by a qualified persons quickly. Prolonging the lifetime of the dehumidifier.

On Four Feet – Anti scratch plastic feet.

Carrying Handle – Easy to carry by one person. The handle can be removed if the product is being installed. The handles also protect the dehumidifier duct flanges if in transit.

Humidistat Connection – There is no integral humidistat but one can be added very simply. A military standard connector is on the front of the unit. To add this use the remote humidistat EPHUM220. This will turn the dehumidifier on and off automatically.

Duct Air-In & Out – The dehumidifier has all ducts fitted with flanges to allow ducting to be added with 125mm / 5″ hard or flexible ducting.

Wet Air Exhaust – There is two internal fans. Fans does not produce water. The moisture is vented away allowing it to work in colder temperatures. The moisture is purged from the system by Regen air.

“Four Hole System” – The system is classed as a “four hole” system due to the two inlets and two outlets. The advantage of a four hole system is that places can be dried pressure neutrally. The EPD200 can there for be used to dry large fridge freezer for instance.

Power Supply – 110V supply 60Hz

Auto Reset – If there is an interruption to the power supply, the dehumidifier will continue to operate as soon as the power has been returned. Perfect in locations where the there is a “dirty” power supply that can affect other electronically controlled products.

All Metal ConstructionAll metal with epoxy paint finish heat treated for strength inside & outside. Designed for longevity.

4m / 12′ Power Cord – no need to join cables when placed for instance in crawl spaces or lofts in the home for example.

Ecor Pro’s research shows that the EPD200 will be four to seven times faster at drying buildings at low temperatures than a traditional compressor dehumidifiers



Max Extract - 45L - 95pt
Duct Sizes - 80mm (3.0")-125mm (5")
Humidistat Inside / Humidistat Option - No / Yes
Carrying Handle / Water Container / Power Cord Length - Yes / No / 12"
Works From DC-AC Coverter - Yes
Water Tank - No


Condensation, mold spots, loft condensation, moldy wardrobes, utility areas and bathrooms are all symptoms of excess humidity problems often originating from inside the home. Solving a humidity problem in one room is pointless - the issue tends to be in the whole home. In cold climates or winters, crawl spaces and basements can have excess moisture. This does not have an immediate noticeable effect but can damage especially any wooden construction unless dehumidified or protected with expensive protective coatings.

    Model No.:
    CFM High:
    Galvanized Steel
    Decibels (dBA):
    58 @ 3'
    Dimension Inches:
    Width: 13.86" Depth: 24.80" Height: 13.58"
    Limited Warranty:
    1 Year Limited
    Watts High:
    Weight lbs.:
    Notice: Manufacturer's products features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    California Residents: warning WARNING- This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit


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