Underground Parking Garage Induction / Transfer Fan 1568 CFM ITF-50

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Duct-Free Parking Garage Ventilation System

Eliminate need for duct work with the Howden ITF-50 induction/ transfer fan. Strategically placed throughout the parking garage, the Induction fan will sweep the fresh air from your supply fan to the extraction point of your exhaust fan. The fans will tie into your control system to be monitored by CO sensors and transfer the air with the CO reaches a PPM threshold decided by local agencies.

Traditional parking garage ventilation systems combine supply and exhaust fans with ductwork to move fresh air in and pollutants, smoke and harmful emissions out. But there are problems associated with this outmoded system:

Fitting ductwork to match the location of existing exhaust grilles or louvers is difficult and creates system inefficiencies and cost increases. The presence of ductwork reduces available space for other needed uses.
Fresh air can be exhausted before pollutant saturations levels are reached and/or air can become excessively contaminated before being exhausted.
During emergency operations, fresh air can be exhausted instead of being distributed throughout the parking facility.

Howden’s innovative JETFFAN System overcomes the limitations of ductwork-based ventilation systems. This unique system moves fresh air in and polluted air out effectively and efficiently without the need for ductwork. No ductwork means better design, better ventilations and lower cost:

Improved System Performance - Reduced system resistance allows the system to work at lower speeds, which reduces power absorption and overall operating costs and lowers noise levels.

Space Optimization - There is no need to work around obstructions to make a ductwork system fit. This results in move space availability for utility installation, parking, access and other building needs.
Reduced Design/Installation Costs - No complicated duct systems to design and install means significantly lower costs.

More Efficient Use of Air - Positioning of the JETFAN units can create an air flow at both high and low levels effectively using the same air twice resulting in enhanced system performance.

Optimized System Design - Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis (internal link) are used to plan and optimize the complete ventilation system. JETFAN units are custom-designed for parking garage applications and are made for a variety of temperature/time ratings and motor options, to suit specific requirements.

Reduced Operating Costs - Our system monitors air quality (pollution levels) so that the ventilation system is operated only on demand, further reducing operating costs.

    Our JETFAN system is a more detailed approach to the parking facility ventilation system. This system is better able to meet project-specific requirements as well as local and national building codes and regulations regarding ventilation rates, pollution control and emergency ventilation requirements.

    Howden's Comprehensive Parking Garage Ventilation System includes: supply and exhaust fans, induction Fans, JETFAN units, smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide monitors, controls and commissioning to ensure that the system works as designed.


    The ITF-50 is UL approved

    Motor Rating:    .50HP
    Volts: Available in both 460 and 230
    Phase: 3
    HZ: 60

    Fan Dimensions
    lengths-  49 29/32”
    Width: 31 3/32”
    Heights: 11 11/32”


    Model No.:
    ITF -50
    460 / 208
    Parking Garage Fans
    CFM High:
    RPM High:
    Weight lbs.:
    Notice: Manufacturer's products features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    California Residents: warning WARNING- This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


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