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King MAU Heated Make-Up Air Unit Heater w/ Remote 17061 BTU 480V 3Ph 5kW MAU4805-3-ECM-SSR

King Electric Manufacturing
Build Time:
20 to 30 Business Days ?
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Build Time

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*Please be aware that seasonal demand of certain equipment may cause build times to run longer than what is typical.

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*Unit is Build to Order. Unit will be Final Sale.

*Fan is Shown with MAUFH Filter Housing

Clear Air Fresh Air Ventilation systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of fresh indoor air to protect your house or business. By preheating incoming fresh air at the lowest cost, Clear Air provides continuously comfortable ventilation throughout the building. Better Air. Peace of Mind.

Fresh, clean air is essential to good health. But with today’s airtight construction techniques, excess humidity and airborne pollutants can easily get trapped in indoor air. This can result in serious consequences for the structure of your home or business and for the health of its occupants.

Featuring an energy efficient ECM motor, the Clear Air combines a fan driven fully modulating electric heating unit with a fresh air relay logic control circuit providing an extremely versatile all-in-one packaged unit.


Motor: Direct drive high efficiency, thermally protected, permanently lubricated ECM motor, no belts to adjust or maintain.

Motor Terminal: Clear Air shall have a 5-point terminal block to easily field adjust the motor torque setting of the ECM motor.

Modulating Heat: 100% fully modulating heating control through Solid State Relay (SSR) technology. The SSR relays shall be mounted in the blower compartment to allow the free flow of incoming air to cool the heat sinks.

Thermostat: Clear Air shall be controlled by an electronic proportional thermostat using a 0 to 10VDC of 4 to 20ma signal. The inbuilt thermostat can be removed and relocated to room and used as a wall mounted thermostat.

Duct Sensor: Clear Air shall be provided with a field installed duct sensor, type 2 NTC thermistor, 10K ohms.

Heating Elements: Quick heating, long life Ni-Chrome elements supported by a steel frame and insulated with ceramic holders.

LV Terminal Block: All low voltage wires are terminated at a 14-point block with factory side quick connects and field side screw terminals.

Control Circuit: Clear Air shall have a relay logic control circuit providing a dedicated 24V power supply that is switched to activate external devices such as: a damper, exhaust fan, etc.

Lockout Circuit: Clear Air shall have a lockout circuit for auxiliary devices such as an outside thermostat or humidistat to prevent the Clear Air system from turning on
unless predetermined conditions are met.

Overcurrent Protection: Clear Air shall have a 24V high temperature limit circuit wired in series to protect each individual heating element. In addition, it shall have one electrically held manual limit monitoring the condition of entire unit. If tripped, this limit must be manually reset by shutting off the power, waiting several minutes and then turning the power back on. This provides an extra level of overheating protection to the unit.

Enclosure: Clear Air shall be constructed from 20GA electrogalvanized sheet metal of welded construction and finished with a corrosion resistant gray finished. Unpainted sheet steel is not acceptable. Access to the wiring compartment shall be from the side for easy wiring and maintenance. The unit shall have welded brackets with 6 – 3/8” weld nuts for sturdy mounting either vertically or horizontally. Provide both Line voltage and Low voltage knockouts to speed contractor installation. Provide knockouts for an optional disconnect.

Blower: Centrifugal dual inlet blower shall be used, axial fans not permitted. Blower shall be rigidly mounted to the enclosure with internal welded mounting brackets.

Optional Disconnect: The unit shall have the option to mount an internal Supply Power Disconnect.

Approvals: UL: Clear Air shall be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved and labeled.

Dimensional Data;


Model No.:
MAU4805 -3 -ECM -SSR
Made In U.S.A.:
BTU High:
Dimension Inches:
Width: 16-1/3" Depth: 41" Height: 23-2/3"
Limited Warranty:
3 Year Limited
Watts High:
Weight lbs.:
Notice: Manufacturer's products features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
California Residents: warning WARNING- This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit


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