Founded in 1997, KwiKooL has since become a leader and innovator in the portable air cooling industry, and is proudly manufacturing in the good old US of A .We have never strived to be like the other guys. We have always taken the approach that when we design our portable air conditioning equipment, we do it from the ground up and have developed them using our own ideas and innovations.

Being in the portable industry, we understand that size is always an issue. All of our air conditioners are as small and compact as possible without sacrificing performance or durability. Every air cooling product we make has been designed with the customer’s needs as the first priority. We never start with the product and make it fit the problem. We always start with the problem and design a product that solves the problem.

Here at KwiKool, we don’t use the latest technology, we invent it.  From making the only 2-Ton portable air conditioner to run on a 115 volt 20 amp circuit to our Iceberg Series with built in I/O condenser plenum that makes our units outperform the competition, we look for ways to make our equipment work better and give better value to the customer.

From the very beginning, we have always looked at what features the customer needs to solve their problem and work backwards from that. Our line of portables were originally designed to meet the needs of users, service people as well as rental companies. Features like a built in high lift condensate pump for ease of installation for users to an easy access service door for service personnel are but a few of our features that make our products head and shoulders over the competition.

So beat the heat this summer with a portable air unit that fits your office, garage, workshop, jobsite, hangar or any other workspace where cool air can help productivity.

KwiKool is proud to say that we manufacture our products here in America. Unlike some other manufacturers that are Japanese owned and made in Mexico or others that are made in Korea. Make sure you ask before you buy.  BUY AMERICAN!