At VENTS-US our customers enjoy the benefits of the corporation's extensive experience, including:

  • Wide range of inline duct fans, blowers, destratification fan products
  • High quality European production
  • All necessary materials for designing of complex ventilation systems
  • The high standards of customer care, regardless of the size of the order

Today VENTS™ is one of the world's leading fan production manufacturers located in Europe. This unique enterprise controls the complete production cycle, manufacturing 99% of its assortment without referring to subcontractors.

VENTS™ employs around 2000 workers in facilities covering more than 645,000 square feet of production space. We carry the ETL and AMCA certifications, and are proud members of Hardi, HVI and Energy Star.

VENTS is one of the world's leading Residential and Commercial Ventilation products Manufacturer and Supplier. Whether you or your business is in need of ventilation products for residential or commercial applications, including supply and exhaust applications that require powerful airflow, VENTS has got you covered.

VENTS Ventilation products include mixed flow in-line duct fans, in-line centrifugal duct fans, centrifugal exterior fans and axial fans. We also carry destratification fans, heat recovery units, air distribution products, ventilation kits, accessories and more.


Industrial Fans Direct is an authorized dealer of the VENT-US fans and ventilation product lines.