Soler & Palau

Soler & Palau Exhaust Fans

Soler & Palau ventilation group has been producing and manufacturing fans and blowers for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Their extensive line of high quality roof mount and wall mount exhaust fans, axial and centrifugal fans, duct inline fans, circulator fans, blowers and bathroom fans have served a multitude of industries in the U.S. market and around the world.

S&P USA operations are based in Jacksonville, Florida. This geographically strategic location allows the shipment of products throughout the US and Canada. The Jacksonville manufacturing facility has more than 150,000 square feet of warehouse space for the stocking of a comprehensive range of products.

Currently Soler & Palau's R&D, manufacturing and distribution facilities occupy a total of 1.1 million square feet, with offices and locations around the globe. S&P products can be found in virtually any commercial or residential application, ranging from innovative, quiet and reliable room ventilators to large diameter, high capacity exhaust systems designed for critical applications in some of the world's toughest environments.

Soler & Palau has been producing quality, environmentally sustainable ventilation products and systems for over 60 years. As our engineers thrive to manufacture the most efficient products in the industry, our R&D department is working to make these products energy efficient and safe for the environment.
To emphasize this movement in technological advancements, S&P has developed the Ecowatt standard to classify energy-efficient products that use Electronically Commutated (EC) or Direct Current (DC) motors. Models that fall under this standard have a certified performance through
  • AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association International, Inc.),
  • HVI (Home Ventilating Institute), or
  • ENERGY STAR qualified (for all residential applications).