VES Environmental Solutions, LLC

VES Environmental Solutions is a premium manufacturer and sourcing company of ventilation equipment for industrial, agricultural and horticultural industries. Their wide variety of air circulation fans, exhaust fans, ventilation fans, ceiling fans, fiberglass fans make them one of the leaders in the HVAC industry. VES has access to over 30 world class and cost effective manufacturing facilities’ throughout the world. Their team of design engineers has developed some of the most energy efficient, quiet, low maintenance and innovative ventilation components in the world.

The business is divided into 2 major segments.
The first is our support of the retail, industrial, agricultural and horticultural markets. We have many pre-engineered and designed fans, lighting, steel and rubber products that are supplied from our many factories located throughout the world. Each market and customer we support has their own critical business parameters that are essential for your bottom line. Once you place your purchase orders, VES takes over to make sure your orders are delivered on time, not just from the factory but to your door. Most customers entrust us to take care of the design, approvals, performance, quality, shipping, customs, delivery, brokerage and any after sales support. Of course none of these great services mean anything if without competitive pricing.

The second part of our business is our knowledge and ability to take many our products and put them together to give the best environmental solution. The customers that we support in this market segment bring us building designs for Dairy, Hog and Poultry farms, greenhouse structures, factories and warehouses. As an example in the dairy industry out environmental designs and components simply make the environment inside the building better for the animals and the employees working inside. Our proven systems substantially increase animal productivity, reduce animal health issues and will do it at the lowest investment and operating cost. All this adds up to a great return. The VES team of design engineer’s, are sought out by many of the top producers.