Triangle Engineering Of Arkansas, Inc.

Triangle Engineering LogoSince their beginnings in 1948, Triangle Engineering has established itself as one of the top manufacturers of commercial, agricultural and industrial fans and ventilation products. Their GPX, VI, PFG and SLW series of exhaust fans are economically priced with high standards of quality. The CC series of whole house fans are second to none. Triangle Fans and Sound Fighter Fans are manufactured in a state of the art 300,000 square foot plant located in the central Arkansas city of Jacksonville. Over the past 65 years Triangle Engineering has more than tripled their product lines and have become a leader and the largest manufacturer of portable belt drive (Heat Buster®) and direct drive (Portable Cooler™) drum and cooling fans in the country. In addition to the complete line of portable barrel fans, we now manufacture Industrial Wall fans and shutters; Agricultural fans, shutters and discharge cones; High Velocity (JetAire®) fans for factories and golf courses; pedestal fans (Master Breeze®); whole house fans (Comfort Cooler® and Comfort Aide®); and general purpose exhaust fans.

We carry a full line of Triangle Engineering ventilation equipment to fit just about any application, from residential and agricultural, to commercial and industrial.