Pearson Industries Inc

Pearson industries Inc. (PII) was first established in 1995 and is a singularly owned, privately held corporation.  Originally developed to support its’ sister corporation, Global MRO Products, Pearson has evolved into its own entity as it worked behind the scenes with many companies, supporting product design and development of quality air movement and confined space ventilation equipment.  The owner is a US Air Force veteran, qualifying the company as “Veteran Owned.”

In 2013, a combination of opportunities arose that moved Pearson Industries into a new stage of life as both a manufacturer and product development firm.  The company focuses on specific niche markets and if an answer is deemed possible, either manufactures the products needed to support that market or finds a source which is manufacturing the answer.

Pearson’s fans are powerful, portable, lightweight yet extremely durable. Our products are designed to be easily maintained while their higher level of quality provides you a longer lasting ventilator. The quality of ventilation is here and it’s proudly designed and brought to you by Pearson Industries.