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Outdoor Rated Portable Evaporative Swamp Cooler 750 Sq. Ft. Coverage 3 Speed MC37M

Build Time:
10 to 15 Business Days ?
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FedEx Ground

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The MC37M is the most versatile and efficient cooler on the market. It’s compact and yet packs a powerful blast of cooling with patented winged prop and three panels of high-density rigid media. Take it on the go easily with its four casters. Featuring oscillating louvers to cover a wide area quietly and efficiently. The manual controls make it easy for you to adjust between the four temperature settings to obtain optimal cooling anywhere you take the MC37M Evaporative Cooler. Approved for indoor and outdoor use.

Water Reservoir Capacity 10.3 Gallons
Fits in Small Spaces: Stands just over 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.
Cooling Pad Alerts: The cooling pads on the unit will periodically need to be cleaned. A notification light on the control panel lets you know when maintenance is required.
Water Level Indicator: Useful when in manual fill mode, the indicator next to the water fill door displays the current fill level of the tank.
Easily Drain: To quickly drain water from the cooler prior to storage, remove the drain plug and tip the unit back.
Added Protection: With a GFCI plug, the unit will automatically shut off if it detects water around the plug.

Model No.:
Evaporative Cooling Fans
CFM High:
Polypropylene, steel
Decibels (dBA):
Dimension Inches:
Width: 26" Depth: 18" Height: 36"
Limited Warranty:
1 Year Limited
Watts High:
Weight lbs.:
Notice: Manufacturer's products features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
California Residents: warning WARNING- This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit


Ask a Question
  • I just buy this model MC37V does it have to be ventilated near a window or door.The manual say it does to work efficiently.

    It does not have to be close to a window or doorway, but it will help the unit to work more effectively, since it will pull this cooler air in.

  • Does MC37 have to be vented out a window or door?Because manual day it does to work efficiently.

    No. Generally, evaporative cooler fans do not need to be vented like a portable AC unit does.

  • wher can i get a water pump that fit?

    You would need to contact the manufacturer (Hessaire) for this information:  256.734.3003

  • What kind of pads are on this cooler. Are they specify order high dollar pad or a regular aspen pad

    This question about the specific type of pads used will be best asked of the manufacturer Hessaire: 256.734.3003

  • Do you need to vent this

    No. Evaporative cooling fans do not need to be vented.

  • How can i open it to change fan??? Because it's brocked....,????

    You may want to contact the manufacturer (Hessaire) regarding this question: 256-734-3003

  • Where is this made?

    This evaporative cooling unit is made in China

  • I have three questions. First, is this appropriate for a residential 600 sq foot outdoor deck in Long Island and if so, what type of degree drop should I expect. Second, where is it made, and third, what is the cost. Thank you

    If your deck is completely closed in, this unit will help keep the area size cooler (based on an 8' ceiling on the enclosed deck).  If it is an open air deck, it will only cool those standing in front of unit. Temperature drop is based on the amount of humidity in the air. This unit can offer as much as a 15 degree F. temperature drop if humidity is low.