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TD Mixvent Multi-Purpose Inline Duct Fan 14 inch 2089 CFM TD-355

Soler & Palau
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The TD-355 and TD-400 are ul-507 and ul-705 certified for residential and commercial use.

*Important: if venting in an non-insulated attic space, or in a cold climate, insulated flexible duct is strongly recommended for condensation issues.

The TD-Mixvent series of in-line duct fans have been specially designed to maximize the airflow performance with minimal noise levels within the smallest and most compact of casing sizes. This makes it the ultimate solution for small to medium sized ventilation installations which require a high air-flow to pressure ratio and occupy only the minimum space possible. Example: false ceiling voids, cupboards and many other limited space environments. All models include a "removable body" feature that enables the motor-impeller assembly to be completely removed or replaced without the need to interfere with the attached ducting. The TD fans are ideally suited for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial exhaust and intake ventilation applications.

Typical applications would include the following:

Warm or cool air transfer
Kitchen range hoods
Utility rooms

Locker rooms
Conference rooms
Bars & restaurants
Make-up air applications

Welding fume extraction
Spot ventilation
Equipment cooling
Workshops & Smoking areas

Models 250, 315, 355 and 400 have a metal casing and are finished in a tough epoxy-polyester paint coating. The TD fan duct connection flanges are manufactured from reinforced plastic, Models 200, 315, 355 and 400 are constructed from epoxy-polyester coated metal.

The impeller blades for models 250, 315, 355 and 400 are metal.

Models 150, 200, 250, 315, 355 and 400 are single-phase induction asynchronous motor, with permanent capacitor and external rotor constructed of die cast aluminum. Models 355 and 400 are single speed.
Class 1 electrical insulation
IP 44 protection
Thermal overload protection
Class b motor insulation
Seal for life, ball bearing
Suitable for working air streams up to 104°f (40°c).

    Sound Characteristics:
    Fan sound levels are measured in sones. At this time there are no sone level test standards available through HVI due to the fact that remote mounted fan noise levels are in proportion to the following: type of duct, length of duct, fan distance from the intake source and other miscellaneous factors. However, it is generally accepted that remote mounted venting is usually quieter than standard (in room) venting.

    *Performance certified is for installation type D-ducted inlet, ducted outlet. Performance ratings do not include the effect of appurtenances (accessories). Speed (rpm or rps) shown is nominal. Performance is based on actual speed of test.

    DIMENSIONAL DATA: (inches)

    A = 14-5/6
    B = 9-3/8
    C = 17-11/16
    D = 8-5/6
    E = 16-7/9
    F = 13-15/16
    G = 5-8/9
    H = 14-1/2
    I = 18-2/3
    J = 13-3/8
    K = 1/3

    Model No.:
    TD -355
    Duct Inline Fans
    Blade Material:
    Blade Size (Inches):
    CFM High:
    Drive Type:
    Limited Warranty:
    5 Year Limited
    RPM High:
    Watts High:
    Weight lbs.:
    Notice: Manufacturer's products features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    California Residents: warning WARNING- This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit


    Ask a Question
    • Can this fan be controlled via speed control?

      Yes, this fan is speed controlable.

    • what is the smallest size duct that can attach to? if not what is the largest CFM you have that could be?

      To answer this would be difficult, due to the fact that the length of the ducting will help to determine this.  

      What is the length a diameter of the ducting you will be using?  How many bends or elbows in the ducting?