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Ducted Fans For Higher Efficiency

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There are plenty of benefits associated with ducted fan(s), but perhaps most significant is how efficient they are. Specifically, ducted fans are commonly used to increase air supply and air pressure between two or more ducts to add flow when additional ventilation is necessary. They’re also commonly used in attics for air exhaust and they can help direct either hot or cold air, via a duct blower fans, where you want to direct it.

Two types of duct fans include inline duct fan(s) and duct blower fan(s). Here’s a look at each of these varieties of ducted fan(s) :

Inline Duct Fans: Typically designed for installation in either home, office, plant or warehouse ductwork, these types of fans are able to be wired to the main HVAC system to boost air supply, vent air or return air. They fit into existing ductwork, essentially, to help your make HVAC system perform better.

Duct Blower Fans: Duct blower fan(s) , fittingly, work to direct air by blowing it in the direction you need it in any facility.

Aside from high efficiency, there are several other benefits to ducted fans. For one, they’re typically very easy to mount and install, making them hassle-free. Additionally, they are able to run quietly while doing their jobs, making them unnoticeable wherever they are installed in the home or office. They also typically work quickly to stabilize room temperature or aid in ventilation.

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