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Do Air Curtains Keep Flies Out?

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Do Air Curtains Keep Flies Out?

Flies, if not controlled, are big problems in all food production or eating areas. Yet, spraying pesticide all over is not an option in these places because it can contaminate the food if not used very carefully. Restaurants can use special fly bait, and this is somewhat effective, but it requires the flies to go to it and consume it in order for it to work. If there is freshly-cooked food around, the flies are likely to go to that instead, making the bait ineffective. It's no wonder that food establishments are always looking for better ways to keep flies away.

Using Air Curtains for Fly Control

Unlike pesticides and baits, commercial air curtains work to keep flies out instead of trying to deal with them after they're already in. As long as all possible entrance points for flies are covered, they work very well. This makes it easier to accomplish the goal when an air curtain – otherwise known as an air door – can be set up across a limited entrance path. Meanwhile, it will be more challenging if you have to use an outdoor air curtain to cover a space like a patio. However, it can still be done.

How Air Curtains Work

Air doors or curtains emit a strong blast of air along a narrow pathway. Often, the machine is set up at the top of a doorway so the air is blasted down toward the floor. They can also be set up to send air across from the sides of the opening. Which way is best depends on factors such as the size of the door and whether or not things will be blown away in one direction but not another.

Flies and other small insects find that this machine-powered air stream is too powerful for them to fly through. If they try, they are blown down or sideways before they can get into the protected area. Meanwhile, humans and objects are able to get through easily.

When protecting an outside area, the challenge is greater because there are no surrounding windows or walls to provide a physical barrier around the curtained area. One way to get around this is to erect a screen tent or other such enclosure so that only one or two openings need to be protected. Otherwise, a series of air curtains can be set up around the area by mounting them on poles.

Can Large Openings be Protected?

Yes, an industrial air curtain can be set up across large openings such as shipping doors, retail double doors, and similar entranceways. They will block flies as effectively as the smaller versions.

Berner Industrial air curtains come in a wide range of sizes and strengths, so you can find ones that will protect any area from flies and other airborne insects. Be sure to look through our air curtains page to see the full selection of their products.

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