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Explosion Proof Industrial The Workplace

While exhaust fans are commonly found in homes and offices (more specifically older homes and offices, where the exhaust system and ventilation may be aged), one place where they’re a mainstay is in an industrial environment. Why? It’s because of their basic function – exhaust fans work to clean out the air and excess moisture in a given environment and bring in fresh air from the outside. In an industrial environment, this air that’s being cleaned out often contains chemicals, odors and other microorganisms that may be hazardous to one’s health. It’s not out of the question for there to be bacteria and other allergy-causing agents in the air in any industrial setting, thereby making it all the more important that exhaust fans are installed and working properly.

One example of an industrial setting where exhaust fans are a necessity is a paint shop. Think about it – you’re dealing with paint and chemicals, which can be hazardous to the workers (not to mention flammable) if they stick around for too long. That’s where an exhaust fan comes in handy.

There are several different types of exhaust fans available, including wall-centrifugal, wall-dome, roof mounted models, multi-purpose models, wall panel models and explosion proof models.

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