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Do You Need a Fan in the Kitchen?

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Do You Need a Fan in the Kitchen?  

Some older homes may not have kitchen fans installed and even with new construction, most municipalities do not require exhaust fans as part of their residential building codes. While some homeowners have gotten away with using a window fan to blow smoke and odors out of their kitchen, installing kitchen exhaust fans should be a priority project for any property that does not already have one installed, or if the current fan doesn't do a good job clearing the air.

3 Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Fan

To Protect Your Home

Cooking food, especially broiling, frying, boiling and sauteeing will cause steam, food particles, and grimy, dirty grease to go airborne. If you don't have a kitchen ducted exhaust fan to quickly and efficiently move this hot and humid air up and out of the home, it will settle on walls, floors, and furnishing.

Eventually, wood surfaces begin to warp, paint begins to peel, and chrome fixtures begin the process of rusting. Simply moving this air around won't help, and worse yet - this moist air can linger inside walls and floor joists to damage the structural integrity of your home.

To Preserve Your Air Quality

Smells from the kitchen are a part of what makes a home, truly a home. But, when these smells are not filtered through kitchen exhaust fans, they may actually contain biological contaminants and toxic vapors. A major source of indoor air pollution is from the heat sources that are common to residential cooking, including gas, wood, and electricity.

Other kitchen air pollutants include:

  • The release of toxins from heating oil and fat at high temperatures
  • Gas stoves can emit nitrogen dioxide and VOCs during combustion
  • Self-cleaning ovens create high levels of pollutants as food waste is burned away
  • Natural gas and propane stoves can release dangerous carbon monoxide and formaldehyde
  • Strong cleaning solutions, oven cleaners, and drain cleaners are very hazardous if not vented

To improve the health of your family, especially those with allergies or sensitive skin, the solution is to install a Continental Fan multi-purpose inline fans. These fans are mounted in the wall or ceiling along with duct to quickly capture and vent kitchen air.

For Greater Kitchen Enjoyment

Another benefit of kitchen exhaust fans is that your kitchen performs better and is more enjoyable. A quiet, high-speed kitchen ducted exhaust fan can totally exchange the room's air up to 8 times per hour. Since our kitchens are quickly becoming important areas of family gathering and entertaining, it is becoming even more critical to keep this space operating at its highest level.

For the best kitchen enjoyment, choose a kitchen exhaust fan or Continental Fan multi-purpose inline fans with the correct CFM to fit your kitchen square footage and the BTUs generated by your stovetop and oven.

So, the answer to the question, "Do you need a fan in the kitchen? is - Yes! If you want to protect the structural integrity and interior surfaces of your home, you desire the best air quality for your family, and you want to enjoy your kitchen area more during all seasons.

Visit us online at Industrial Fans Direct for a wide selection of kitchen exhaust fans.

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