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Why Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

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Exhaust fans are essential in any bathroom, whether it be in your home bathroom or your factory employee restroom. They serve two primary purposes – removing bad odor from the room and also removing moisture and humidity from the area. While the former role of bathroom exhaust fans is more for convenience and comfort than anything, the later role they serve is more important. That’s because running faucets and showers within a confined space, such as the bathroom, add moisture and humidity to the air. And too much moisture build up can lead to mold and mildew growth, which is problematic in any area.

So why is a bathroom exhaust fan important? Because it increases the ventilation in what otherwise is likely a very confined space. While windows can help, they’re not a replacement for a good exhaust fan.

Exhaust fans are also easy to be installed in a bathroom. Typically, they’re installed on the ceiling so that moisture and humidity can be drawn out into the attic of a home or to the roof of a business before it’s disposed outdoors. If you don’t have an exhaust fan installed in your home or business lavatory, you’re just setting your bathroom up for mold and mildew growth, which are troublesome to remove, can spread rapidly and lower home and business facility values.

But bathroom exhaust fans are too noisy, right? While older models are typically noisy, newer models run quieter and more efficiently. And even with older models, it’s easy to forget when they’re turned on and are not often a distraction. Most importantly, a little bit of noise should be an easy compromise for removing moisture, humidity and odors from the restroom area. Exhaust fans come in different styles and sizes to ensure that you can get the correct one to meet your restroom’s needs.

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