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Selecting Bathroom Fans

The Home

Bathroom exhaust fans are important to the air quality of a home or building. They work to remove odors and prevent damage from excess moisture and heat. Before you choose between bathroom fans, there are some details to consider:

  • In order to remove humidity and odors, the fan should be able to move air as much as eight air circulations per minute.
  • You can choose between ceiling bath fans or wall-mount units.
  • A timer or switch can be used to operate the fan.
  • Some fans come equipped with light fixtures and/or heating elements.
  • There are fans that are specifically designed for wet areas – like above the shower. Think about where the fan will be mounted.
  • Noise is measured in sones. If you like a quiet fan, look for a model with a sone rating of .5 or less.
  • Look for a reputable dealer of fans.

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