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How to Shop for Explosion Proof Circulating, Cooling & Exhaust Fans

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While proper ventilation is essential for industrial work areas, it can sometimes pose a challenge for a hazardous location with flammable fumes or liquids. A number of these substances can ignite with friction from the moving parts in fans, motors and cooling equipment; these unique scenarios call for intrinsically safe or explosion proof fans. Where do you start in selecting a spark proof fan? These guidelines help to simplify the process.

Tip #1: Select the right fans for your classified areas. 

Before you begin shopping spark proof fans, do your homework first to determine which kind of class, division, and group your hazardous location is under. The National Fire Protection Association has the National Electric Code in Publication 70, Articles 500-506.

Tip #2: Higher prices are to be expected, so don't be shocked.

If you haven't noticed yet, you'll see that explosion proof fans cost much more than regular ones, but keep in mind that these prices are normal, as they are specifically engineered to last a long time and not spark fumes in the air. With this in mind, shop for quality first and price second. Rarely will you encounter a fan of this nature on sale.

Tip #3: Remember to get adequate ventilation coverage.

It's good to know the measurements of your hazardous location in order to get the right non-sparking fan size for the job. Another factor to consider is the type of fan you need or want, whether they be air circulation fansexhaust fans, portable cooling fans, or other options.

If you are considering new spark-proof cooling fans that are OSHA approved and intrinsically safe, take a look through our online catalog. From there, you can order your fans with confidence through the website's convenient checkout, or call us now at Industrial Fans Direct at 866.727.1060.

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