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What Is The Best Bathroom Vent Fan?

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What Is The Best Bathroom Vent Fan?  

If you're wondering, "What is the best bathroom vent fan?", the answer is the one that fits the bathroom occupant's needs in quickly eliminating steamy mirrors and objectionable odors, all while operating quietly in the background. There are several things to consider when choosing the best exhaust fans for each bathroom on your property.

5 Key Features of a Bathroom Vent Fan

1. Quiet Operation

The best bathroom vent fan will be whisper-quiet with no more sound than the gently rustling of tree leaves on a breezy day. For this type of quiet, you want to choose an exhaust fan with a noise level between 1 and 3 sones. Sones is the measurement of perceived sounds by the human ear. The lower the sones level of the vent fan, the quieter it will operate. Nothing can make you want to exit a bathroom faster than a noisy, rattling bathroom vent fan.

2. Sufficient CFM

The cubic feet per minute or CFM rating of a bathroom vent fan is a performance measurement that equals the amount of air the fan can move within an area. If the CFM is too high, you may get a breezy effect in a small bathroom. But, if it's too low, the odors, moisture, and airborne pollutants won't be eliminated in a timely fashion. The best bathroom vent fan is the one that is correctly sized to clear the warm, moist air efficiently for the size of the space.

3. Design Features

The right design starts with easy installation. Choose a manufacturer that has designed the bathroom fan for ease of maintenance, installation, and removal. This may include sidewall mounted style options along with inline duct mounting options for new construction. Also, consider a vent fan with variable speed to handle those days when hot showers or whirlpool baths demand more power. Other design features you may want to consider for the best vent fan is one that has grille style options and lighting to enhance the bathroom ambiance and decor.

4. A Reputable Manufacturer

The best vent fans are not found in big-box stores but are manufactured by solid, well-known makers and sold by distribution outlets. Consider Soler & Palau, Canarm, VENT-US, and Continental Fan as manufacturers of reliable, performance-driven products. These companies specialize in ventilation equipment and are constantly researching solutions and adding new features such as an integral backdraft damper which allows contaminated air to flow out but prevents contaminated air from sweeping back into the property.

5. Low Power Consumption

It's not good if you buy a powerful bathroom vent fan, but discover it is a power hog due to an inefficient design. Your bathroom vent fan should be a cost-effective solution to clearing stale, damp air. The power consumption is a delicate balance between the wattage, speed, and size of the vent fan. Another factor to consider is whether the fan is an older style. Older fans typically don't have energy-saving features such as LED light bulbs and room occupancy sensors.

The best bathroom vent fan you can buy will be sized to fit your space, be made by a reputable manufacturer for quiet operation and low power consumptions while also featuring design qualities that support easy maintenance and repair. Visit Industrial Fans Direct for a wide selection of the best bathroom ventilation fans for your application.


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