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What is the Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

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What is the Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan?  

Kitchen exhaust fans are highly under-appreciated appliances that every kitchen should have. A kitchen exhaust fan helps clear the air in your kitchen of smoke, fumes, light debris, and grease that can cake up on surfaces.

Kitchen fans are usually installed in a wall or directly over the cooking appliances. Astute chefs know that the smells of food coming from the kitchen can be pleasing, but if there are too many strong smells it can make it difficult to make judgments based on smell and taste. For cleaner kitchen surfaces, clearer air, and for best results when cooking large meals, a kitchen exhaust fan is essential.

So the question many people ask is, “what is the best kitchen exhaust fan?” The answer depends on your budget, the size of your kitchen, and how much cooking you do at any given time. Of course, there are other reasons to use built-in ventilation fans, such as clearing fumes from work areas. But for our purposes, we will discuss which is the best exhaust fan for your kitchen.

Another important consideration to keep in mind is whether you intend to connect your exhaust fan to an existing ventilation duct system or install a through the wall kitchen exhaust fan.

Once you’ve decided which type of fan you’re looking for, you can browse through the category of your choice and select your favorite. Here are some recommendations of different types of kitchen exhaust fans and their manufacturers. 

Top Exhaust Fan Manufacturers

  • Soler & Palau multi-purpose inline fans: Soler & Palau produces affordable and high quality multi-purpose inline fans that serve a wide variety of ventilation needs. These compact and sturdy fans come with mounting components, vent door covers, and are offered in a range of sizes.
  • FloAire ceiling mounted fans: If you’re looking for a ceiling fan that will work reliably, providing sufficient displacement power to clear the air, FloAire ceiling-mounted fans are a great choice. These powerful ceiling fans will never be in your way and require very little maintenance.
  • Soler & Palau ceiling mounted utility fans: Taking it up a notch in both power and durability, Soler & Palau re-enters the race with its line of outstanding ceiling-mounted fans. Soler & Palau ceiling fans are made with higher quality materials than most products of a similar size and price range.
  • TPI Corporation shutter mounted wall exhaust: The likes of these powerful wide-blade fans can be seen on many industrial kitchens, professional manufacturing spaces, and anyplace where strong, reliable ventilation is a must. With sturdy external shutters and a solid cage enclosing the fan, you’ll never have to worry about safety with TPI fans.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Types

  • Industrial kitchen exhaust fan: Your industrial kitchen is unique. Check out this list of industrial kitchen exhaust fans to suit any space or need.
  • Kitchen exhaust fans wall mount: Similar in form to the high-end TPI fans, these wall mounted fans are smaller and more affordable – but guaranteed to do the job when matched to an appropriately sized space.

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