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Do Misting Fans Really Work?

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Do Misting Fans Really Work?

One of the greatest comforts of being indoors is the crisp, cool air blowing from an HVAC system. It can be hard to imagine anything working nearly as well and bringing such comfort when you are outdoors. Fortunately, misting fans are an exceptional option for keeping cool and comfortable outside. These fans are wonderfully engineered products that perfectly complete the task they were designed to accomplish. This post will explain how misting fans operate and the benefits you will come to know and love.

How Misting Fans Operate

All of the top brands, from TPI Corporation Mister Fan, Ventamatic Cool Draft mist fans and J&D Manufacturing misting fans, and various fan model sizes work using the same principles. A water supply is required to operate the fan. The fan itself has a high-pressure pump and small openings in the fan. While in operation, the fan pulls from the water supply to push out the water in the form of mist through the small openings. When the mist is released, the fan’s blades circulate the mist in the warm air. The air particles evaporate along with the mist, which reduces the temperature.

The mist is incredibly cool and does not create a wet feeling in the air. Only if an individual stands a few inches away from the fan will they feel any sort of moisture. The effects of the mist cooling the outside air temperature can be felt over an incredibly wide area.

Misting Fans Get The Job Done

Misting fans are a great option for those who need portable cooling power. So long as you have an electrical outlet nearby, you can enjoy cooler air provided by misting fans. These fans can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, misting fans are beneficial for those who desire lower electric costs. It is far less expensive to run misting fans than it is to run a whole HVAC system. The energy cost savings help the misting fans pay for themselves in just a few billing cycles.

If you are wondering what the difference is between an evaporative cooler vs misting fan or a swamp cooler vs misting fan is the water particles themselves. A evaporative cooler (a.k.a swamp cooler) breaks up the particles much smaller than a misting fan. If you are wondering if you need a misting fan vs evaporative cooler, consider where it will be used. Misting fans are a better option for overall use. However, if you will have your misting fan in operation near wood, an evaporative cooler fan may be better suited for your application.

Industrial Fans Direct is your one stop shop for all of your cooling needs. Whether you need one, five, 20, or more misting fans for your application, you will find the model and size that fits your exact needs. We are always available to assist you with any questions you may have. When you are ready to move forward with your purchase, simply request a quote or contact us if you need assistance placing an order.

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